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Coming down the vegetarian pub?

by on May 19, 2012

Well, here’s a thing – according to this article in The Guardian, we have a vegetarian pub in Soho and another in Smithfield. Now, my veggie friends, I will have to ask you to read this and try to ignore the rather cheap stereotypes employed by the hack and Giles Coren- maybe they’d had a late night or were suffering from indigestion without a single Rennie to hand.

Anyway, it had me reaching for my badge-laden jacket, banner and DMs because I thought I had missed the start of the veggie revolution; but citizen, not so fast with the laces – this review suggests that to travel may be better than to arrive.

On the plus side we have two pubs not only converting to an entirely veggie menu (and it must be a brave landlord indeed who would even consider this on the edge of Smithfield market) but linking vegetarianism to sustainability.

Fabulous so far and normally I would be advertising for a band of merry vegetarians to accompany me on a fact finding mission, but not sure I can be bothered just for jacket potatoes with cheese and beans!!!

So not a revolution, but a near miss.

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  1. JonnyCocker permalink

    Thanks for the photo credit. Jon

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