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The Goat’s Cheese Index

So what have pubs, cafes and restaurants got to offer vegetarians – apart from the omnipresent goat’s cheese and mushroom risotto?  We need community reporters everywhere to send in feedback.  We can then contact the proprieters and ask them to consider better options for veggies or congratulate them on their veggie welcome.

Below are the criteria for reviews; score out of 2 for each criteria to create a total score out of a maximum 10 points.

  1. The goat’s cheese index – original or imaginative vegetarian dishes using a variety of ingredients, without goat’s cheese!!!
  2. Choice and flexibility – there is more than one veggie option to choose from (avoiding the ubiquitous mushroom risotto) or you can swap starters and main courses to increase the choice. Vegetarian children are catered for.
  3. Quality – food is appealing and prepared to a high standard.
  4. Clarity – dishes are clearly marked as vegetarian or vegan.
  5. Place setting – location, ambience, service.
  1. jillpitt12 permalink

    I was on my lunchbreak the other day in central London and came across a pub serving a toasted goat’s cheese sandwich with fried onion rings and chips as the vegetarian option.

    I was quite shocked and I think this particular pub fails spectacularly your goat’s cheese index.

  2. Dion Moch permalink

    Vegetarian dishes are not only healthy, they are also very tasty. i really love vegan dishes. ““;:

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